Sunday, February 06, 2011

What to do if your Google/gmail account is hacked..

hi guys this a new section i am starting called "My account's hacked". Here i will be discussing what to do if your account is hacked...

i will begin with Google. it's a pity thing your account got hacked. in most cases it was you own fault that it got hacked. in rare cases i it the hacked who really did something . you should take care. Read more on how to prevent your self from getting hacked.

now coming back to the main discussion . you can do the following to once hacked. 

  1.  Change password:- The first thing you need to do in case your account is hackedis change your password and all security details. in most cases the hacker doesn't has your password but cookies.So once you change it the problem is solved. In case you are not even able to log in use the following link to reset your password

  2. Contact Google:- Once you have performed step one. immediately contact Google.You can use one of the forms based on your account type.You will be asked the exact creation date of your Google Account and also a copy of that original ?Google Email Verification? message. if you are lucky then only google will help you . In any case you will receive a reply from form them.

    • With Gmail id:-  If you use a gmail id to login then use this form to contact google.
    • Without Gmail id:- If your Google Accounts  is not linked to Gmail i.e you dont use  gmail id to login then use this form.

  3. Inform all your buddies:- Send a mail to all your buddies informing them that your account has been hacked.Who know what the hacker might have done.

Always use safe practices.


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