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ESET Smart Security +Nod32 Antivirus\Smart Security-Username & password

ESET Smart Security delivers the ultimate defense against cybercrime, junk mail and hackers by adding a firewall and antispam technology to ESET NOD32 Antivirus.
ESET Smart Security 4 keeps your PC safe with advanced proactive detection that blocks most known and undiscovered threats hours or days faster than other Internet security technologies. This is your most effective protection against today's huge volumes of Internet and security threats from the web or emails. ESET Smart Security is a tightly integrated solution designed to protect computers from a range of threats. Built on the award-winning ESET NOD32® Antivirus and its powerful ThreatSense® engine, ESET Smart Security provides antispyware, antispam and customized firewall features. Utilizing ThreatSense - the industry's most advanced heuristics - the window of vulnerability between virus outbreak and signature update is reduced.

The key advantage of this approach is that individual protection modules are able to communicate together seamlessly, to create unparalleled synergy to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of protection. Moreover, the integrated architecture guarantees optimal utilization of system resources, so ESET Smart Security continues ESET's well know reputation for providing rock solid security in a small footprint that will not slow down an individual's computer.

Key Features:
• Smarter Scanner – Threats don't always enter in ways you expect. ESET Smart Security inspects SSL-encrypted communication channels like HTTPS and POP3S, and intelligently scans compressed files to find threats that other products miss. ESET's Smart Optimization feature makes file scanning faster than ever.
• Time-saving Firewall – New Learning Mode saves time by automatically creating firewall rules by observing how end users use the network, while offering advanced firewall modes for power users. Pair customized firewall profiles with trusted network zones and have appropriate firewall rules applied automatically based on detected network presence.
• Trusted Zone Authentication – Identify trusted network zones by network configurations (a configurable combination of host/DNS/DHCP server IP address, wireless SSID, connection profile, etc) or securely authenticate into a network using ESET Authentication Server.
• Upgraded Antispam – ESET Smart Security now takes care of annoying spam with a smaller, faster, and even more effective spam filter.
• Removable Media Security – Threats can enter your PC from removable media such as USB thumb drives. For self-running media, ESET Smart Security scans autorun.inf and associated files when the medium is inserted, in addition to scanning any file on any removable device when it is accessed, or during a full-scan of the media.
• System Tools – ESET SysInspector and ESET SysRescue simplify diagnosing and cleaning of infected systems by allowing deep scans of system processes to find hidden threats, and creating bootable rescue CD/DVD or USB drives to help you repair an infected computer.
• Self Defense – ESET Smart Security has built-in technology to prevent malicious software from corrupting or disabling it, so you can rest assured your system is always protected.

ESET Smart Security has numerous speed, security and usability upgrades such as:
• Energy-sipping battery mode extends laptop battery life without compromising security
• Advanced Protection Status screen informs you of threat detections
• Information pop-ups are hidden when running full screen applications like games, video players or presentations
• Password protection prevents ESET Smart Security from being uninstalled by strangers
• New interface and keyboard shortcuts simplify use for visually impaired users
Changes in ESET Smart Security 4.2.71:
    * Fix: Lockups on certain system configurations
    * Fix: Memory leaks when gui stays  maximized for a longer period of time
    * Fix: Mail saved as Draft is scanned with antispam and moved to the Junk folder in Windows Live Mail
    * Fix: ESET Firewall blocks wifi connection
    * Added: Button for adding applications to the list of applications excluded from content filtering
    * Added: Support for scanning SSL in Firefox 4
    * Added: Support for SAGETECH Enterprise Right Management
    * Added: Support for Cisco ASA WebSSL Smart Tunnel
    * Added: Support for Parallels Virtuoso
Homepage -

Download Smart Security 4.2 for 32-bit Windows
Download Smart Security 4.2 for 64-bit Windows

Nod32 Antivirus\Smart Security-Username & password

Nod32 Antivirus Serial
User:EAV-34426223 User: EAV-34426223
Pass:vpvepun3vf Pass: vpvepun3vf

User:EAV-34426284 User: EAV-34426284
Pass:cpehem62aj Pass: cpehem62aj

User:EAV-31494232 User: EAV-31494232
Pass:vhspcntnb8 Pass: vhspcntnb8

User:EAV-31526815 User: EAV-31526815
Pass:nvm2ahe5rs Pass: nvm2ahe5rs

User:EAV-31527646 User: EAV-31527646
Pass:a5p7cxrr87 Pass: a5p7cxrr87

User:EAV-31570264 User: EAV-31570264
Pass:3t2fhpkf65 Pass: 3t2fhpkf65

User:EAV-34426192 User: EAV-34426192
Pass:4ddktbx8fd Pass: 4ddktbx8fd

User:EAV-31570274 User: EAV-31570274
Pass:huedsntnpb Pass: huedsntnpb

User:EAV-31570334 User: EAV-31570334
Pass:3sf8p22jkn Pass: 3sf8p22jkn

User:EAV-31619600 User: EAV-31619600
Pass:smdt6eejr7 Pass: smdt6eejr7

User:EAV-31620201 User: EAV-31620201
Pass:c3pu7ccv4u Pass: c3pu7ccv4u

User:EAV-31620626 User: EAV-31620626
Pass:5273hb4kax Pass: 5273hb4kax

User:EAV-31659959 User: EAV-31659959
Pass:35sammvjn7 Pass: 35sammvjn7

Smart Security Pass Smart Security Pass
User:TRIAL-35034484 User: TRIAL-35034484
Pass:sa4c2fn27x Pass: sa4c2fn27x

User:TRIAL-35017116 User: TRIAL-35017116
Pass:25bppdru48 Pass: 25bppdru48

User:TRIAL-35017158 User: TRIAL-35017158
Pass:e3vxt8pfau Pass: e3vxt8pfau

User:TRIAL-35016442 User: TRIAL-35016442
Pass:e4u6r77tam Pass: e4u6r77tam

User:EAV-34217400 User: EAV-34217400
Pass:df8ndc283x Pass: df8ndc283x

User:EAV-34217852 User: EAV-34217852
Pass:v2vrcrch36 Pass: v2vrcrch36

User:EAV-34227230 User: EAV-34227230
Pass:mfsshbd2rr Pass: mfsshbd2rr

User:TRIAL-35016464 User: TRIAL-35016464
Pass:ktrt7u2vfv Pass: ktrt7u2vfv

User:TRIAL-35016488 User: TRIAL-35016488
Pass:u6a3jxskth Pass: u6a3jxskth

User:TRIAL-35016511 User: TRIAL-35016511
Pass:e4cuxekvr7 Pass: e4cuxekvr7

User:TRIAL-35016535 User: TRIAL-35016535
Pass:c7nvcpddcc Pass: c7nvcpddcc

User:TRIAL-35017034 User: TRIAL-35017034
Pass:n3hmkche43 Pass: n3hmkche43

User:TRIAL-35017061 User: TRIAL-35017061
Pass:523psamsfe Pass: 523psamsfe

User:TRIAL-35017091 User: TRIAL-35017091
Pass:3u84m7c75t Pass: 3u84m7c75t

User:TRIAL-35017186 User: TRIAL-35017186
Pass:eun5tr6rej Pass: eun5tr6rej

User:TRIAL-35017213 User: TRIAL-35017213
Pass:vt773n85t2 Pass: vt773n85t2

User:TRIAL-35017237 User: TRIAL-35017237
Pass:2mh5ascbh2 Pass: 2mh5ascbh2

User:TRIAL-35017282 User: TRIAL-35017282
Pass:a2v48pmd22 Pass: a2v48pmd22

User:TRIAL-34947588 User: TRIAL-34947588
Pass:8h5pp2abh6 Pass: 8h5pp2abh6

User:TRIAL-34947605 User: TRIAL-34947605
Pass:3v2kf2e2mr Pass: 3v2kf2e2mr

User:TRIAL-34947620 User: TRIAL-34947620
Pass:mntmd7b2ph Pass: mntmd7b2ph

User:TRIAL-34946793 User: TRIAL-34946793
Pass:f75sxvpsj4 Pass: f75sxvpsj4

User:TRIAL-34947462 User: TRIAL-34947462
Pass:jdvmukup7j Pass: jdvmukup7j

User:TRIAL-34947473 User: TRIAL-34947473
Pass:xjmhjsvdev Pass: xjmhjsvdev

User:TRIAL-34947486 User: TRIAL-34947486
Pass:rvmm8sxacp Pass: rvmm8sxacp

User:TRIAL-34947502 User: TRIAL-34947502
Pass:h4btvbdee8 Pass: h4btvbdee8

User:TRIAL-34947535 User: TRIAL-34947535
Pass:5v4mfcrtne Pass: 5v4mfcrtne

User:TRIAL-34947573 User: TRIAL-34947573
Pass:safxvr5s5x Pass: safxvr5s5x

User:TRIAL-34947630 User: TRIAL-34947630
Pass:8ax3mfjsf3 Pass: 8ax3mfjsf3

User:TRIAL-34947655 User: TRIAL-34947655
Pass:xu3rusnrdk Pass: xu3rusnrdk

User:TRIAL-34947672 User: TRIAL-34947672
Pass:xs5xsrhx8s Pass: xs5xsrhx8s

User:TRIAL-34950304 User: TRIAL-34950304
Pass:hrtcekja4p Pass: hrtcekja4p

User:TRIAL-34950339 User: TRIAL-34950339
Pass:hh6ekc8tf7 Pass: hh6ekc8tf7

User:TRIAL-34878762 User: TRIAL-34878762
Pass:ckkpn2j66m Pass: ckkpn2j66m

User:TRIAL-34878791 User: TRIAL-34878791
Pass:vakvh6ac3m Pass: vakvh6ac3m

User:TRIAL-34879541 User: TRIAL-34879541
Pass:h86nufc2ps Pass: h86nufc2ps

User:TRIAL-34887058 User: TRIAL-34887058
Pass:76dmt33r2m Pass: 76dmt33r2m

User:TRIAL-34887089 User: TRIAL-34887089
Pass:dm6npdrr66 Pass: dm6npdrr66

User:TRIAL-34887110 User: TRIAL-34887110
Pass:rv8ma48b33 Pass: rv8ma48b33

User:TRIAL-34887134 User: TRIAL-34887134
Pass:hhbchdcb2k Pass: hhbchdcb2k

User:TRIAL-34878740 User: TRIAL-34878740
Pass:6tr3abr4xc Pass: 6tr3abr4xc

User:TRIAL-34878812 User: TRIAL-34878812
Pass:ahnu5ssxvh Pass: ahnu5ssxvh

User:TRIAL-34878830 User: TRIAL-34878830
Pass:4xhsutxm35 Pass: 4xhsutxm35

User:TRIAL-34878849 User: TRIAL-34878849
Pass:8jmumm5hu6 Pass: 8jmumm5hu6

User:TRIAL-34879462 User: TRIAL-34879462
Pass:tn2r7c38xd Pass: tn2r7c38xd

User:TRIAL-34879524 User: TRIAL-34879524
Pass:42hx587hbm Pass: 42hx587hbm

User:TRIAL-34887179 User: TRIAL-34887179
Pass:64vhf4mk83 Pass: 64vhf4mk83

User:TRIAL-34887232 User: TRIAL-34887232
Pass:e77tuntjpb Pass: e77tuntjpb

User:TRIAL-34919157 User: TRIAL-34919157
Pass:m644784csh Pass: m644784csh

User:TRIAL-34919178 User: TRIAL-34919178
Pass:2e63rujxnd Pass: 2e63rujxnd

User:TRIAL-34919190 User: TRIAL-34919190
Pass:3bs2ue532u Pass: 3bs2ue532u

User:TRIAL-34919202 User: TRIAL-34919202
Pass:8pn75vcm3x Pass: 8pn75vcm3x

User:TRIAL-34918311 User: TRIAL-34918311
Pass:85652t2epb Pass: 85652t2epb

User:TRIAL-34918946 User: TRIAL-34918946
Pass:8db2svma3a Pass: 8db2svma3a

User:TRIAL-34918953 User: TRIAL-34918953
Pass:7khta8jju8 Pass: 7khta8jju8

User:TRIAL-34918972 User: TRIAL-34918972
Pass:7ndku43x2n Pass: 7ndku43x2n

User:TRIAL-34919127 User: TRIAL-34919127
Pass:dnb3bucdkx Pass: dnb3bucdkx

User:TRIAL-34919236 User: TRIAL-34919236
Pass:tje3nxp3a6 Pass: tje3nxp3a6

User:TRIAL-34919258 User: TRIAL-34919258
Pass:j3r68d7tuf Pass: j3r68d7tuf

User:TRIAL-34919264 User: TRIAL-34919264
Pass:np7atnsmd3 Pass: np7atnsmd3

User:TRIAL-34919287 User: TRIAL-34919287
Pass:8na5a6kvar Pass: 8na5a6kvar

User:TRIAL-34919310 User: TRIAL-34919310
Pass:fxsbm7dkmb Pass: fxsbm7dkmb


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