Saturday, February 05, 2011

How to Create a Web Browser..

In this Tutorial I will show you how to create your very own webbrowser..

You will need: 1 Toolstrip + ToolStrip Controls(explained later), 1 WebBrowser.
First thing is first, drag a toolstrip from the toolbox onto the form. Make sure that the Grip Visibility is set to Hidden.

Now we will add the controls. You will need:(6 ToolStripButtons, 1 ToolStripLabel, and 1 ToolStripTextBox). Now we will set the names of the controls. The first button will be called back, the second forward, the third refresh, the fourth stop, the fifth home and the last GO. For the GO button set the alignment property to right. Now that you have the names we can set each of the button’s DisplayStyle to Image. Set the proper images for each button. Now we will name the label and the textbox on the toolstrip. For the Label set the text property to URL: and the name to urlLabel. Now the textbox will be named url and the text leave blank.
Next drag the WebBrowser Control onto the form.

Set the name property of the webbrowser to webBrowser
Now for the coding.
Double-Click on the Form and enter this code webBrowser.GoHome();.
Double-Click on the Back Button and enter this code webBrowser.GoBack();.
Double-Click on the Forward Button and enter this code webBrowser.GoForward();.
Double-Click on the Refresh Button and enter this code webBrowser.Refresh();.
Double-Click on the Stop Button and enter this code webBrowser.Stop();.
Double-Click on the Home Button and enter this code webBrowser.GoHome();.
Double-Click on the GO Button and enter this code webBrowser.Navigate(url.Text);.
Double-Click on the webBrowser and enter this code url.Text = e.Url.ToString();.

This is what your final design should look like.

Now run the form and have fun!


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