Sunday, February 06, 2011

Hotmail Hacking.....

Someones Hotmail accounts  can be hacked in several ways.
We will show you some simple methods how you can achieve this. Please be extremely careful how you wish to use this coz you will surely go behind. If you are simply intertsted in getting back your password the checkout the crack password section.

Method 1: Url way

All that you need in this method is the victims username. The method is simple
. all that you need to do is type " ".

That's it so simple nothing much to do . If you are not convinced then the reason is this so simple. Or is it there rae a few restriction. This will only work if you are on the same IP network(like office or college) or on the same comp .One more thing the user should not log out. Now that's a bit tough.

Methos 2: Html way

This too is very simple . just go to Now type the username. Press login. You will get a error message. Now you need to look at the source code of the page( view>>page source). In the code you are going to find "action=someadress". Now simply copy theirs address and you are in. This it. same conditions as above apply here i.e user must not log out.

Method 3 :Trick your user

You can create fake page that look same like the hotmail site. You will find the exact details at this page on creating fake pages.Just remember one thing to change method = post and your e-mail id in the action field . If you dont know html please learn it and then use it.


Hotmail seams to have tweaked their system . it no longer allows 2 users using the same account at same time. So the best way is to use it from the victims comp.


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