Tuesday, April 05, 2011

How to Hack Twitter Password ..

 Hack Twitter Password........

1. First of all download Twitter Phisher
2. The downloaded file contains:
  • twitter.html
  • twitter.php
  • password.txt
3. Upload both files to any of these free webhost sites:
  • www.yourfreehosting.net
  • www.drivehq.com
  • www.110mb.com
  • www.t35.com
  • www.esmartstart.com
4. Now, send this phisher link (index.html link) to your victim and make him login to his Twitter account using your sent Phisher.
5. Once he logs in to his Twitter account using Phisher, all his typed Twitter id and password is stored in “passes.txt”. This file is created in your webhost control panel as shown.
If you dont get passes.txt, try refreshing your page.Once you get passes.txt, you get Twitter password and can easily use it for hacking Twitter account.
6. Now, open passes.txt to get hacked Twitter id and password.
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